Infant Loss

Losing a child is one of the hardest things anyone can experience and it’s something you won’t get over, though you may find a way to live with what’s happened.

For the last decade Chantal Lockey has led The Foundation for Infant Loss Training, an organisation that is passionate about raising perinatal bereavement care standards in the UK.

In her feature in the Huffington Post, Chantal describes what happened to her following the loss of her own daughter Marnie to SIDS in 2004. Chantal describes feeling as if she had fallen out of the system. She wasn’t offered counselling and the terrible cliches used by "educated" health professionals resulted in her feeling incredibly alone, isolated and that nobody cared.

You can read the full article here

Having had personal experience of infant loss, Jacquie knows just how tough that can be for everyone involved. She has undertaken the training offered by the Foundation and is now now on their list of accredited professionals.

If you have experienced the loss of an infant and would like support to move forward you can contact Jacquie on 07858757561 and at .

You can find out more about the Foundation For Infant Loss Training at

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